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What to eat in Cappadocia?

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Cappadocian food


Cappadocian food  Bazlama
Cappadocian food Bazlama

Bazlama, which is cooked in stone ovens by filling the dough with onion and minced meat is a perfect taste that you can eat during every meal of the day.


Nevsehir’s answer to the question “Is menemen cooked with or without onions?” is “onion-free but garlicy”. Scrambled eggs mixed with tomatoes, peppers, garlic and spices is a must-try dish of our regions.

Cappadocian food Menemen


Cappadocian food Hamursuz

One of the most unknown legendary delicacies of Cappadocia region, especially in the district of Avanos, doughless is a unique flavor that you will want to take as a gift to your loved ones when you go leave. Be sure to try the doughless, which is an excellent breakfast food, is obtained by baking the mixture of dough and butter in stone ovens.


It is a local taste that belongs to the district of Cığıtma Avanos, also called cooking in some regions, and is usually served for breakfast. Starting the day with cheese and parsley will give you energy.

Cappadocian food Cığıtma
Cappadocian food Cığıtma

Wedding soup

As the name suggests, bulgur soup cooked in the broth served especially at weddings is one of the tastes of Cappadocia to try.

Tarhana soup

Yoghurt, dried mint, wheat flour, dried paprika, green peppers, onions and various legumes are mixed and left to ferment by covering the mixture, which is thoroughly kneaded and turned into dough. The mixture fermented for at least 1 week is placed aside until it dries thoroughly in a totally dark place. Tarhana, which is completely dried, is turned into flour by crumbling in hand. Tarhana soup, which is so hard to prepare, is one of the indispensable flavors of Cappadocia dishes, especially during the winter months, with its flavor and nourishing.

Milk soup

Milk soup cooked with milk and rice or bulgur is one of the most different flavors of Cappadocia. You can think of it as rice pudding soup. Al if it does not appeal to all tastes, you should definitely taste this different and nutritious flavor when you are in the region.

Erişte (Noodles)

Noodles, obtained by cutting the dough in long lines and baking in ovens, are cooked by boiling in water, mixed with butter and served by pouring sauce with minced meat or walnuts on it.

Bulgur pilav

You can never get enough of the bulgur pilav cooked in plent of meat, tomatoes, pepper and spices in stewpans, especially when it is accompanied by home-made yoghurt drink or cacik.

Kayseri mantı

Never leave Cappadocia before eating the world-renowned dumplings of Kayseri. The hand-made dough is cut in small pieces and filled with ground meat and cooked by boiling in water. Garlic yogurt and sauce prepared with tomato and tomato sauce are poured on it. Enjoy your meal.

Dry beans

Dried beans, which are cooked every house at least every 15 days in our country, are cooked in special pots in our region. Dried beans with pastrami in particular are a delicacy you can never say no to.


Stew, which has long been served as a wedding dinner in cappadocia region, is made of chickpeas together with plenty of meat in pots.

Nevsehir pan meal

It can be regarded as the reinterpretation of the pan meal prepared in many regions of Turkey. The meat chopped in small pieces is cooked with tomatoes, peppers, garlic and spices and are usually served in pans with rice.

Kebab in pots (Pottery kebab)

One of the most famous flavors of Cappadocia is the kebab in pots. Kebab in pots, which is cooked in special pots made from the red soil of Avanos with veal, lamb or chicken by closing the mouth of the pot with dough, is a local delicacy that thousands of local and foreign tourists who come to Cappadocia do not leave without eating.


Bulamaç is an incredible dessert to taste, that resembles some kind of a pudding with mollases, which is made with molasses, flour and butter and served with walnuts on it.


Aside, which is made by cooking the molasses and wheat flour, is a unique dessert cooked in almost every home especially during ramadan.

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